Job Responsibilities

We are seeking a knowledgeable and passionate Part-Time IT Instructor to join our esteemed institute. The ideal candidate will be responsible for delivering high-quality instruction in various areas of information technology to our students. This position offers a flexible schedule, making it an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to supplement their existing commitments or for professionals seeking part-time teaching roles.


1. Curriculum Delivery: Design and deliver engaging lessons in a variety of IT-related subjects, such as programming languages, networking, database management, cybersecurity, and web development.
2. Instructional Support: Provide guidance and support to students to help them understand complex IT concepts and develop practical skills through hands-on exercises and projects.
3. Assessment and Feedback: Evaluate student performance through assignments, quizzes, exams, and other assessment methods. Provide constructive feedback to students to facilitate their learning and growth.
4. Curriculum Development: Collaborate with the curriculum development team to update existing course materials and develop new content that aligns with industry trends and best practices.
5. Classroom Management: Maintain a positive and inclusive learning environment conducive to student success. Manage classroom activities, discussions, and group projects effectively.
6. Professional Development: Stay current with advancements in the field of information technology, attend relevant workshops, seminars, and conferences, and continuously enhance personal knowledge and teaching skills.
7. Communication: Communicate regularly with students, colleagues, and institute management to address any concerns, provide updates on student progress, and contribute to the overall success of the institute.
8. Advising and Mentoring: Offer academic and career guidance to students, including advice on course selection, certification programs, internship opportunities, and career paths in IT.

Qualification & Skills

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
- Demonstrated expertise in one or more areas of information technology, such as programming, networking, cybersecurity, database management, or web development.
- Prior teaching or training experience in an academic or professional setting is preferred but not required.
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to explain complex concepts clearly and engage students effectively.
- Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously.
- A passion for teaching and a genuine desire to help students succeed in their academic and professional endeavors.
- Proficiency in relevant software and tools used in the field of information technology.
- Commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment that respects and values all students.

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