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With our job search engine, job seekers get access to millions of jobs from all over the Web and employers reach relevant talent for every type of position. Unlike other sites that charge a fixed amount per job posting regardless of results, our pay-for-performance pricing model means you only pay when you get results. And you have complete flexibility—there are no contracts or long-term commitments.

JobKunja Resume has simple, flexible monthly plans that you can choose from. Our Standard subscription includes 30 contacts a month for $100 and our Professional subscription includes 100 contacts a month for $250. If you make an annual purchase you’ll be able to save 20%*

*Pricing and our offering are subject to change

Only administrators of your employer account will be able to purchase a subscription. You can purchase a subscription If you have a linked account, please reach out to your account administrator to get a subscription assigned to you.

Each subscription can only be assigned to one person at a time but you can freely move non-expired subscriptions between linked accounts.

Monthly contacts expire 6 months after being granted. Contacts are only usable with a non-expired subscription.

You can view a candidate’s contact information once they have replied to your initial message. We protect job seekers’ privacy until they are ready to engage with employers to provide the best experience for job seekers.

JobKunja is the #1 mobile job search app on iPhone or Android in more than 30 countries.* JobKunja’s mobile app has been downloaded more than 100M times.

Business Category, SimilarWeb, January 2017

Yes, organic (free) job postings and some Sponsored Jobs appear in mobile search results.

Jobs that are sponsored on desktop cannot always be sponsored on mobile. Many sponsored jobs on send the job seeker to the career page or ATS. Filling out applications on career pages or ATSs that are not mobile optimized can cause a big drop off in application completion. JobKunja doesn’t want to charge clients for clicks if there is a high chance those clicks will not result in applications – so, in order for a job to be sponsored on JobKunja mobile, employers must have an JobKunja Apply or another application process in place that works well on mobile.

JobKunja Apply is an easy, mobile-optimized application process that helps you get more applicants and provides a better experience for job seekers. Applicants can easily “Apply Now” directly from JobKunja’s site or mobile app with their JobKunja resume or by uploading a new resume. JobKunja Apply allows you to get applications from mobile job seekers even if your career website isn’t mobile enabled. Jobs with JobKunja Apply get up to 8x more applications than jobs without JobKunja Apply.

If you are using JobKunja Apply with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that integrates with JobKunja, the completed application will appear in your Applicant Tracking System as usual. If you aren’t currently using an Applicant Tracking System, you can post your job directly on JobKunja at All jobs posted on JobKunja automatically include JobKunja Apply.

Over 170 Applicant Tracking Systems have integrated with JobKunja and offer JobKunja Apply to employers like you. When you use an ATS that integrates with JobKunja, job requisitions you create in your ATS appear on JobKunja automatically and include JobKunja Apply – at no charge from JobKunja. To see if your Applicant Tracking System is integrated with JobKunja, visit JobKunja’s ATS Integration Page. If your ATS isn’t on this list, contact your ATS about connecting with JobKunja.

Becoming a Featured Employer maximizes exposure of your company brand and jobs to your ideal talent. Your investment also provides labor market insights, lndeed Resume subscriptions to source candidates and discounts on new JobKunja products.

Spending at either Featured Employer level provides your company increased visibility for your jobs, branded ad impressions, access to Hiring Insights and JobKunja Resume subscriptions. Increasing your spend to the Featured Employer Preferred level gives your company additional subscriptions for JobKunja Resume and a discount on purchases of new JobKunja products.

Featured Employer status is the best way to showcase your employer brand on JobKunja and ensure the maximum exposure for your jobs. Only one Featured Employer ad unit appears on each page, helping you increase brand awareness among the most relevant job seekers.

Becoming a Featured Employer requires meeting a minimum monthly spending amount, based on the number of jobs you have on JobKunja.

Featured Employer is awarded at JobKunja’s sole discretion. The ability to receive Featured Employer, generally, is a function of both the number of open jobs at your company and how much you spend. The Featured Employer program may be changed or removed by JobKunja at any time, at JobKunja’s sole discretion. Reach out to your JobKunja Account Executive to learn more about the spending criteria to qualify for Featured Employer or contact our support team.

Featured Employers will be able to earn JobKunja Resume subscriptions based on the their Sponsored Job spend. The number of JobKunja Resume subscriptions awarded is JobKunja’s sole discretion.

JobKunja Company Pages include more than 100 million ratings and reviews. On Company Pages, candidates can see what makes your company a great place to work and hear directly from current and former employees. Just as online reviews influence nearly every purchase decision made by today's consumers, the same is true when researching prospective employers. Candidates who follow your Company Page will also get updates on new content and jobs as they become available, increasing engagement with your talent brand. Claim your Company Page today to tell your story, and encourage employees to add photos and reviews.

You can raise the profile of your employment brand by sharing information on your mission, values and workplace. After claiming your page, encourage employees to write reviews and upload photos to attract potential new employees to your jobs. The feedback ratings from reviews will appear with search results on organic and Sponsored Jobs, encouraging job seekers to find out more about your job opportunities and culture.

All companies with jobs on JobKunja have a Company Page. To claim and customize your JobKunja Company Page, click on the “Business Owner?” link to get started. Claimed pages are marked as "Claimed Profile." Once you claim your company page, you can customize your profile with a logo, company description, location, industry, links to your website and social profiles.

Once you claim your Company Page, you can customize your profile with a logo, company description, location, industry, links to your website and social profiles. If you want to claim a Company Page that has already been claimed, contact us.

Reviews are open forums and cannot be edited or moderated by the employer. We only remove a review if requested by the review author or if the review clearly violates our Content Guidelines. We encourage companies to engage reviewers by posting a comment directly on the review. Asking current and former employees to leave reviews is also an effective way to build a positive employer brand on JobKunja.

Your Company Page will show all of your jobs currently listed on JobKunja that meet quality guidelines.

JobKunja Hire combines a customer-focused service team of hiring specialists with cutting-edge technology to deliver high quality candidates to your inbox. JobKunja Hire streamlines time-consuming administrative tasks and quickly delivers high quality hires at a competitive price so you can stay focused on building your business.

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